The “About Me” Post

I published a brief bio on the “About” page, but I’m 99.99999% sure that nobody reads those things. I’m re-posting it here to make life easy, or in case you really don’t know who I am.  

Picture of Tori

This is a picture of me.

My name is Victoria, but most people call me Tori. You should call me Tori, unless: a) you are a non-native English speaker and think that Tori is the weirdest name ever, or b) know me only through my Facebook profile and are bad at stalking people.

I created this blog for the purpose of writing about my summer internship. I don’t normally like blogging. I’m bad at it and it creates unnecessary drama. But the Juniata Career Services office is full of nice people that would like me to blog about things, so…

If anything on this blog offends you, please leave a comment and I will address your concern. I try to be a nice person and will not reference specific people or try to upset you. Except for Rick Santorum and ex-boyfriends. I hate those guys.

Tori with SSA Banner.

This is a different picture of me.

I love cats, living in Quito, humanism, Arrested Development, the Office, CarlSagan, Pandora, the Legend of Zelda, lattes with whipped cream and chocolate chips, all things mint, Harry Potter, Kurt Vonnegut, existentialism, and practical jokes. All of the views within this blog are my opinions only, and do not reflect the views of affiliated organizations.

I am currently working for the Secular Student Alliance in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a pretty sweet gig.

Facebook: /rehr1022

Twitter: @rehr1022


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About rehr1022

I'm a Juniata College Psychology major and Spanish minor, humanist, amateur flautist, and hopeless bookworm.

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